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If you have lost close to 100 pounds or more and have no sagging skin or stretch marks, you are one of the lucky few. In fact, the majority of people who have lost a significant amount of weight have some degree of excess skin. Many of them hoped to have a toned, slender body once they arrived at their goal weight, but their skin simply did not “bounce back.” Dr. Lickstein helps patients finish their weight-loss journey to arrive at their ideal “after” with a slender appearance without uncomfortable, bulky, sagging skin.

Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos

Arm Lift and Upper Body Lift

Many patients desire an arm lift not only to improve the appearance of their arms but also to remove the skin that gets in the way of everyday activities. Chafing and soreness can occur, and the extra skin can weigh the arms down and add unnecessary bulk to clothing. A full arm lift will remove the skin from the elbow to the armpit, while a minimal arm lift with a shorter incision may be sufficient for removing a smaller amount of excess skin. Dr. Lickstein can also combine the arm lift with other upper body lifting procedures, including what many refer to as the “J-lift” that removes excess skin on the sides of the torso and the upper back. A breast lift is often included in combination with these procedures.

Breast Lift

After massive weight loss, the breasts often appear deflated with nipples that point downward or fall below the breast crease. Since many of Dr. Lickstein’s patients are breast reconstruction patients, he has routine experience sculpting the breasts into youthful, natural-looking shapes. With a customized breast lift, he reinforces the weakened, stretched breast tissue to provide lasting results.

Lower Body Lift

The thighs are an area that many post-bariatric and weight-loss patients struggle with. Excess skin in this area can be especially cumbersome as the simple task of walking becomes a challenge. A lower body lift addresses the outer and/or inner thighs along with the abdomen tummy tuck and butt buttock lift to provide complete improvement to the lower body.

Combined Procedures

Several body lifting procedures are often combined and performed at one time. If the patient would like improvement to many areas of the body, Dr. Lickstein may suggest a few procedures spread out over two different surgery times. Many patients who wish to remove some excess fat ask Dr. Lickstein if they are candidates for liposuction in combination with skin removal surgeries.

Those who experience the best results with body lifting procedures are at or near their ideal weight and have maintained it for at least three months. Most people who have excess skin and are in good health will qualify; Dr. Lickstein will assess your physical anatomy and goals for the procedure during your consultation to help you decide on the customized treatment that is right for you.

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