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Non-Surgical Procedures Treatments in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens

While Lickstein Plastic Surgery is known for Dr. Lickstein’s exceptional surgical skill and experience, our patients also trust us to bring them the most advanced and effective non-surgical treatments. Patients seek treatments that are minimally invasive as an alternative to surgery, or to supplement their surgical treatment plan. We offer a full range of non-surgical procedures to renew, refresh, and revitalize with minimal downtime.


When diet and exercise don’t deliver the results you’d like, CoolSculpting can help. This innovative non-surgical procedure freezes fat away with no incisions and little to no downtime. CoolSculpting is a relatively quick procedure that can reduce fat on the abdomen, thighs, back, love handles, upper arms, and under the chin.

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BOTOX® and Injectables

Dr. Lickstein utilizes his extensive knowledge and experience to deliver natural-looking results with customized injectable treatments that can address a number of concerns. BOTOX can reduce wrinkles and fine lines for a smoother, younger appearance, while dermal fillers like Juvéderm can treat deeper wrinkles and restore lost facial volume.

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The Lickstein Lift®

Dr. Lickstein is a plastic surgeon, but he realizes that surgery is not always the answer for every patient. He developed the Lickstein Lift for patients who are seeking a non-surgical solution for visible signs of aging. This exclusive treatment package is customized to meet the needs of each patient and may include injectables, laser treatments, and skincare to revitalize and rejuvenate your appearance.

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Laser Treatments

Dr. Lickstein offers a range of minimally invasive laser treatments to improve skin tone and texture. We use the highly advanced Halo™ laser platform. Halo treatments include Broadband Light Laser (BBL) that uses light therapy to reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation and Laser Resurfacing, which can be customized to treat a variety of skin concerns such as wrinkles, scarring, enlarged pores, and more.

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Kybella is a specialized injectable treatment that utilizes deoxycholic acid to refine the chin and jawline by reducing excess fat underneath the chin. Patients are often frustrated because diet and exercise can be ineffective solutions for fat in this area. Kybella can eliminate a “double chin” and define the jawline with no incisions and minimal downtime.

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HydraFacial is much more than a typical facial. This revolutionary hydradermabrasion treatment cleanses, exfoliates, removes impurities, and refines skin for a brighter complexion and a youthful glow. Customized serums are available to treat a number of issues including dull skin, redness, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and more.

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Salt Facial™

The salt facial is a three-phase skin treatment that combines exfoliation, aesthetic ultrasound, and phototherapy to purify, hydrate, and nurture skin. A salt facial can treat acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and uneven texture to reveal a smoother, softer, clearer complexion.

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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can enhance your appearance and help you look lovely from morning to night. Simplify your makeup routine and banish smudged mascara! Our certified Novalash specialist can create a beautiful, long-lasting lash look that is as natural or dramatic as you desire.

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Massage Therapy

At Lickstein Plastic Surgery, we know that true beauty comes from within and we recognize the importance of balance and relaxation. Our licensed massage therapist offers a variety of massage techniques to relax, repair, relieve stress, and promote recovery.

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Why Choose Lickstein Plastic Surgery For Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments?

Dr. Lickstein and the team at Lickstein Plastic Surgery are dedicated to helping you look and feel better with personalized treatment plans that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to reduce unwanted fat or reverse visible signs of aging, our minimally invasive procedures can deliver results without the commitment of surgery. View our gallery to see real patient results or contact us to learn how our experts can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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