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Men and women who feel that they have an undefined physique may find that excess deposits of fat are the source of their trouble. People carry excess fat for many reasons. Some individuals, for example, are genetically prone to storing fat in specific areas of their body while, in other cases, a major life event of a stressful nature can lead to excess fat retention. Unfortunately, even if you have committed to a diet and exercise regimen to control this excess weight, you don’t get to decide which areas of your body will see improvement, and some areas of your body will continue to retain fat even while other areas slim down. There is a well-understood scientific reason why some body fat, such as belly fat, can be extremely difficult to lose. A major contributing factor to weight retention is a naturally occurring compound in the body — and one that is prevalent in fat cells — called catecholamines.

Catecholamines determine when lipolysis — your body’s natural ability to burn fat — will occur. Fat in certain areas of your body will have more alpha catecholamines than others which stop or significantly slow down the process of lipolysis. Diet and exercise can’t convert alpha catecholamines to fat-loss friendly beta catecholamines, and so your body retains this fat. This scenario can be extremely frustrating and quite depressing.

However, if you suffer from these excess fat deposits as most people do, you still have many options to eliminate this fat and look fit and toned, including body surgery. Liposuction, for example, is a permanent fat removal process that can restore and enhance the contours of your body. Another great advantage of liposuction is that it can treat a variety of areas of your body. As a result, it can be a great way to achieve the body shape and definition you’ve struggled to obtain but that you very much deserve.

What can Liposuction treat?

Stubborn Fat Deposits

Post-Pregnancy Issues

Weight-Loss Patients

Treatable Areas of the Body

Liposuction can be an effective treatment for many areas of the body, including those most troublesome for all almost all individuals to slim down. The procedure can also treat areas outside of the mid-region if you have stubborn fat deposits in other areas, such as your neck, for example. Areas which liposuction can treat are:


Excess fat accumulation in the stomach area can obscure attractive definition.


Unwanted fat can make clothing tight and can cause an unsightly muffin top.


Deposits of fat along the thighs can lead to painful chafing.


Removing fat along the butt can create better shape and definition.


Fat along the back can contribute to rolls along the bra line.


Men can have liposuction to improve the appearance of enlarged male breasts. Women can remove fat from the breasts to improve size and shape.


Fat along the arms may appear flabby and unattractive.


Submental fat can create the appearance of an unsightly double chin.


Combining With Body Contouring

Liposuction alone is only suited for patients with good skin elasticity. If you are experiencing drooping or sagging tissue in your treatment area, you should consider combining your liposuction with a body contouring procedure. Dr. Lickstein offers tummy tuck, lower body lift, and arm lift surgeries that are designed to remove excess tissue to restore a more firm appearance. The combination of a body contouring procedure with liposuction can provide the most dramatic, long-lasting results possible. Dr. Lickstein will advise you during your consultation on whether you would benefit from a combination procedure.

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What will happen during my Liposuction treatment?

Properly preparing for your liposuction surgery will help you achieve better long-term results. Planning ahead ensures a safe and comfortable recovery.

Dr. Lickstein performs liposuction as an outpatient procedure most often with the patient under general anesthesia. Tumescent fluid is injected into the fat along the treatment area, which breaks up the fat for easier removal. A cannula is inserted into discreetly placed incisions, and vacuum suction removes the unwanted fat. Dr. Lickstein can contour and shape the area to enhance the curves and definition of your body. The fine-grade cannula the doctor will use gives him great control in the amount and location of fat being extracting, ensuring you get optimal contouring and the results you want.

Before your procedure, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, for at least two weeks before your surgery
  • Don’t smoke for at least six weeks before your procedure
  • Don’t consume alcohol in the week leading up to your procedure
  • Arrange to have someone drive you home after your surgery
  • Set up a comfortable and convenient resting area for your recovery

What results can I expect after Liposuction?

You will experience bruising and swelling in your treatment area; however, most patients return to work within one week of their procedure and resume their regular exercise routine after four weeks. Patients will be required to wear a special compression garment for several weeks during their recovery to ensure the best results possible. The compression garment protects the treated area, mitigates discomfort and helps ensure you get the best possible results. The majority of swelling should subside within six weeks.Some pain and discomfort are natural after your procedure, especially during the first few days when swelling and bruising are most prevalent, and you will also feel tender in the treated areas. For your comfort, your doctor will usually prescribe a numbing solution or oral pain medicine to minimize this. Most discomfort only lasts several days, however.

A natural concern after liposuction is scarring. Liposuction uses thin, well-placed incisions designed to limit visible scarring. However, scar development does sometimes occur and will vary based on the patient’s natural healing abilities. If you do develop scarring, it will likely be minimal and hidden, and, as with most scars, it will fade over time.

Liposuction Provides You With an Exceptional Body Contouring Option

Stubborn body fat can really put a damper on all the hard work you’ve put into eating right and exercising. You may find you can continue to lose weight in a healthy manner but just not in the areas that make or break your healthy, toned look. Even the strictest weight-loss routines don’t allow you to choose which areas of your body will actually slim down.

Yet you deserve the reward from all your hard work, and you deserve to look great Fortunately, several procedures can help bridge the gap left between the strong, healthy regimen you’ve chosen and the natural way your body functions. Among the best of these options is liposuction, which combines the benefits of many available options into a single, safe and reliable procedure.

Liposuction — a procedure that has been safely performed for nearly 40 years — can directly address this stubborn fat. Though it is natural to gain back some fat after a liposuction procedure, new fat generally returns to areas that you can successfully manage with diet and exercise. Also, since your doctor has a tremendous degree of control over the procedure, most patients can leave their doctor’s office after the procedure with a very high-confidence that their concern areas will more than meet their satisfaction after recovery.

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