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Facial Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach Gardens

At Lickstein Plastic Surgery, Dr. David Lickstein offers a range of facial plastic surgery procedures to refresh the appearance, restore function, and improve confidence. Dr. Lickstein has extensive experience in facial plastic surgery and is skilled in advanced surgical techniques. Lickstein Plastic surgery is committed to personalized treatment and natural-looking results.

Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery, also known as a forehead lift, can create a smoother, more youthful looking appearance. Brow lift surgery can address frown lines, deep horizontal forehead wrinkles, and drooping brows. Dr. Lickstein will discuss your aesthetic goals and carefully examine your eye and forehead area in order to recommend a personalized treatment plan, as brow lift surgery may be performed instead of, or in addition to, eyelid surgery.

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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, can rejuvenate eyes that look heavy or tired due to aging. Blepharoplasty can also serve a functional purpose for patients who experience impaired vision because of profound upper eyelid sagging. During eyelid surgery, Dr. Lickstein will tighten the skin around the eyes to smooth wrinkles and reduce fine lines and remove excess skin and fat for a naturally refreshed appearance.

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Facelift Surgery

The aging process, along with stress, genetics, and environmental factors, can take a toll on your face. Facelift surgery can reverse the effects of aging, such as skin laxity and wrinkles, to restore a youthful vibrancy to your skin. Dr. Lickstein utilizes advanced techniques and personalized treatment plans to provide natural-looking facelift results that will leave you looking rejuvenated.

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Neck Lift Surgery

Many restorative treatments focus on the face, but the delicate skin of the neck often shows unwanted visible signs of aging. Neck lift surgery can create a more youthful looking profile by treating jowls or a sagging jawline. A neck lift can also tighten skin to reduce the appearance of horizontal “necklace” wrinkles. Dr. Lickstein offers full neck lift surgery as well as liposuction for the neck area.

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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty, sometimes called “ear pinning surgery”, can repair a variety of ear issues, both genetic or from injuries, in order to improve the appearance of the ears. Dr. Lickstein can help patients who wish to correct protruding ears, split or deformed earlobes, “cauliflower ear”, and overly large ears.

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Patients who have been treated for skin cancer may require a plastic surgeon to restore the appearance of the skin. Dr. Lickstein is highly experienced in skin cancer removal and reconstruction after Mohs resection. He focuses on minimizing scars and achieving natural results for skin cancer patients.

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Why Choose Dr. David Lickstein for Facial Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach?

Dr. Lickstein is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has dedicated his career to helping patients look and feel their best. He provides expert care in a warm and welcoming environment. Dr. Lickstein has been recognized in the media and by professional organizations for his expertise in plastic surgery. He and his team are dedicated to providing extraordinary care and exceptional results. Learn more about Dr. Lickstein or visit our patient gallery to view his results.


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