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Hey Pretty Young Thing!

In your 20s you don’t need much, just a touch will do! Non-surgical treatments and cosmetic surgery to adjust aesthetic concerns caused by genetics are the most common. This is also the time to start a good skincare regime. Remember: Sunblock is everything!


In 2018, the top 5 nonsurgical procedures in your 20s were:

  • Botulinum Toxin Type A (such as BOTOX®) – 7,437,378 Procedures
  • Injectable Fillers (such as Juvederm®) – 2,676,970 Procedures
  • Chemical Peel – 1,384,327 Procedures
  • Laser Hair Removal – 1,077,490Procedures
  • Microdermabrasion – 709,413 Procedures


Refined woman! Your 30s are a beautiful time. You can visibly see changes of your skin and body becoming clear. Thus, this is usually the time when patients seek more effective, slightly more aggressive treatments to combat the signs of aging. Additionally, if pregnancy is a part of your journey, the change to your body may have you searching for potential interventions. See our Hey, Mama! Section below.

Hey, Mama!

No matter what age, if you decide to have children your body will go through changes. There are a variety of cosmetic options available to you if you feel the need to re-adjust your look after kids. It is best to wait until you are finished having children to undergo the surgical options listed here. The nonsurgical options are safe for use before, between, or after pregnancy.

Look Like You Slept Through The Night
Discover non-surgical ways to look more rested and learn which skincare & procedures are safe while breast feeding by watching our Facebook Live video: Virtual Night Out for New Moms.


Who’s afraid of a few lines on the face? Not us! Aging gracefully is the name of the game–which is why you took great care of your skin and body in your 20s and 30s! Still, you may feel the need to take a more aggressive, permanent approach.

Whatever Life Throws Your Way

In case you ever need it, we offer various reconstructive services for patients who experience trauma, cancer, and other health-related issues. Additionally, we provide surgical options for major weight loss to remove excess skin and contour the body.


In 2018, 40-54 year olds made up 49% of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed. That’s 7.8 million total cosmetic procedures.

60s & Beyond

There’s still time! We see many great candidates for facelifts in their early to mid-sixties with sufficient skin laxity to achieve beautiful results. Dr. Lickstien and Dr. Forleiter will thoroughly examine your skin and discuss your options with you at your consultation.


Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)


BOTOX® and Injectable Fillers

Dr. Lickstein is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon located in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. He has won numerous awards in his field and completed prestigious education in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. No matter what stage of life you’re in, Dr. Lickstein will work with you to create a tailored plan that fits your needs, budget, and aesthetic goals.

Dr. David Lickstein has either authored or reviewed and approved this content.

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