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Early signs of facial aging can be discouraging. The smooth and vibrant skin that you carried with you throughout your youth is now becoming a home for fine lines, wrinkles and facial folds. If you are unhappy with the way the natural aging process has decided to take form, cosmetic enhancement can help.

When it comes to choosing the best cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure, you may realize that you are not quite ready for surgery. Either you don’t want to undergo invasive incisions or the degree of aging that you exhibit doesn’t yet warrant plastic surgery. No matter the reason, several nonsurgical alternatives can rejuvenate your skin and help you feel younger. Dr. Lickstein has devoted much of his practice to finding the perfect combination of treatments for your needs, and he has come up with a customizable solution that is sure to bring you rewarding results: the Lickstein Lift.

What Is the Lickstein Lift?

The Lickstein Lift combines a series of dermal fillers, a customized and medical-grade skin care regimen along with a Hydrafacial or Salt Facial and Halo laser treatment to add moisture and volume and restore aging skin. Together, each treatment that you receive serves to awaken your body’s natural healing processes and replenish your natural beauty.

You will receive your Hydrafacial or Salt Facial as the first step to your Lickstein Lift, which prepares the skin by removing toxins from the surface of your skin. Afterward, Dr. Lickstein will recommend injectables that he believes will create the most promising result. For patients who exhibit excess fat in particular regions of the face, Kybella is effective where indicated. Injectables that you may receive include Botox, Voluma, Volbella, Kybella.

After your injectable treatment, you will receive a custom skincare regimen tailored to your skin type. Using high-quality products will not only improve the texture of your skin over time but also enhance the results you receive from the Lickstein Lift.

The third phase of your Lickstein Lift involves a broadband light laser treatment with the Halo laser — a hybrid fractional procedure that provides the most customization for resurfacing your skin. Not only will the laser treatment maintain your natural glow from the Lickstein Lift, but also it will allow your skin to continue improving long after your treatment.

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Is the Lickstein Lift Right for You?

The Lickstein Lift is completely individualized for your unique characteristics, but it may not be the best treatment option for you, depending on your needs. Through a consultation with Dr. Lickstein, you can discuss your cosmetic concerns while he assesses the degree of facial aging you are showing. In some cases, if there is too much volume loss in the skin, surgery may be the most efficient solution.

If, however, you desire a nonsurgical treatment option for facial rejuvenation that produces subtle yet noticeable results, then you may be a candidate for the Lickstein Lift. To maintain your results from injectable treatment, you will have to return for maintenance injections; however, with the combination of fillers, you can expect your results to last for several months.

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