ellacor® System with Micro-Coring™ Technology

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At Lickstein Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer ellacor, a revolutionary treatment for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening of the lower face. We’re excited to offer patients in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St. Lucie, North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Tequesta, and Wellington, this minimally invasive procedure that uses patented micro-coring technology to remove columns of skin on a microscale, promoting skin renewal and remodeling. With only 1-3 treatments and minimal downtime, ellacor® with Micro-Coring™ Technology can achieve visibly tighter, firmer, and smoother skin without the risk of scarring.1

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Benefits Of ellacor

ellacor has been cleared by the FDA for use on the lower cheeks, around the mouth, and under the chin. It provides several benefits, such as:2

  • Smoothes away moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Tightens mildly to moderately lax skin
  • Firms thin and crepey skin

What Is ellacor?

ellacor stands out from other skin-tightening treatments because it takes a unique approach. Instead of simply tightening loose skin, this innovative procedure involves the removal of small portions of excess or lax skin using hollow core needles. This technique helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by effectively “deleting” sagging skin. Essentially, ellacor can be seen as a transitional treatment that helps achieve tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

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How Does ellacor Work?

ellacor is a unique skin rejuvenation procedure that triggers the body’s natural healing process to treat skin laxity and wrinkles. It differs from other treatments in various ways. For instance, it removes tiny micro-columns of skin, similar to fractional lasers, but without the risk of burns since it does not involve thermal energy. Additionally, like microneedling, ellacor punctures the skin to promote collagen production. However, instead of temporarily displacing skin cells, it removes the tiny columns of skin, leading to instant skin remodeling without creating scars. Lastly, ellacor impacts only a fraction of the tissue in each treated area, just like fractional lasers and microneedling, resulting in faster healing and a quick recovery period.

What to Expect From Your ellacor Treatment

The ellacor procedure involves several steps. Initially, our providers will numb the targeted areas using a local anesthetic. They will then place the automated ellacor handpiece on the skin, rapidly puncturing and coring a 10×10 mm square area. The procedure head will then be moved to the adjacent area until the entire procedure is completed, which typically takes about 30 minutes. Afterward, the skin will be gently cleansed, and a soothing serum will be applied, after which you can return home.

ellacor Results

Patients typically experience noticeable improvement within the initial few weeks following their procedure. As collagen develops and the micro-columns heal fully, the skin’s texture gradually becomes firmer and smoother over a period of 3 to 6 months.

FAQs About ellacor

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What is recovery like after an ellacor treatment?

Following an ellacor procedure, it is common to experience swelling, redness, and bruising. Applying a protective ointment to the skin for 24 to 48 hours and refraining from using makeup for approximately 4 to 7 days are recommended for optimal healing. Within 3 to 5 days, most patients are typically comfortable appearing in public and returning to work.

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Are ellacor treatments painful?

Although we always aim to minimize discomfort, it is possible to experience some level of pain during the procedure and tenderness following it. The extent of treatment chosen will determine if a topical anesthetic or injected anesthetic is administered. Our primary objective is to ensure your maximum comfort during the process.

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How many ellacor treatments will I need?

Since each patient's needs are unique, we need to schedule a consultation to assess your skin, discuss your concerns, and establish your personalized treatment plan with the number of treatments required to reach your goals. In the clinical trial, the majority of participants underwent three treatments, spaced roughly 30 days apart.

We believe the best results are born from an in-depth discussion of patient goals, followed by a customized treatment plan.

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