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Saturday March 25, 2017 | About Dr. Lickstein, Preparing for Plastic Surgery

dr licksteinUndergoing plastic surgery is not an easy decision to come by. Plenty of research, consultations and some confusion might keep you on the fence about seeking treatment. However, each phase leading up to your surgery is essential for the quality of your results. Taking time to learn about specialized treatments and understand your cosmetic goals is one of the most important aspects of receiving surgery.

There will also come a time when you need to choose the plastic surgeon who will perform your surgery. Although finding a surgeon may seem like an easy feat, it might actually take some preparation before you meet with one who truly understands your concerns.

Dr. Lickstein is known and recognized for his consistency in producing some of the most beautiful and natural surgical and nonsurgical results, and he is who many patients turn to for treatment. Even the most challenging cases deliver outcomes that look inherent to your being.

A Brief Background on Dr. Lickstein

Dr. Lickstein knew, from the moment he entered medical school, that he wanted to provide excellent patient care. He received his degree in medicine from Northwestern University Medical School and completed a general surgery residency at Tufts University/New England Medical Center. Afterward, he undertook a second residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Albany Medical College in New York.

From his training, Dr. Lickstein realized that no matter how innovative he became with plastic surgery, he would always remain a physician at heart and communicate with his patients in a way that helped them find solutions to their cosmetic concerns.

His education and years of clinical experience led him to develop a treatment philosophy that focused solely on the patient, and by combining artistic skill with scientific practice, Dr. Lickstein was able to build a reputation based on precise, detail-oriented results.

In his current practice, Dr. Lickstein offers an array of both surgical and nonsurgical procedures that he has perfected through his years of expertise. Mommy makeover procedures, breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation are particular surgeries for which he is known.

Building Upon Your Natural Beauty

Your choice to undergo plastic surgery is a personal one, and it’s a decision that you should make for your benefit alone. Dr. Lickstein is available only to help you turn your ideas for rejuvenation into a reality.

When consulting with Dr. Lickstein, you’ll find that as much as he desires to accommodate your needs, he will also work within the parameters of your natural beauty. Every patient outcome, whether it’s relatively invasive or nonsurgical, looks natural to the patient rather than overdone.

For Dr. Lickstein, enhancing your appearance is centered around the beauty already within you. Rather than alter the way you look entirely, Dr. Lickstein will build upon the contours that are present, enabling you to still look like you.

Dr. Lickstein is consistent in his ability to produce results that look subtle in their enhancement, but that create complete satisfaction. His methods for personalizing your treatment come from the initial consultation that you have for your surgery.

Your consultation is your individualized time to discuss how you imagine improving your appearance. You’re able to explain the issues you have with the way you look and communicate your expectations for treatment.

Dr. Lickstein will spend time listening to your concerns as well as examining the area needing treatment. It’s likely that he will suggest several treatment options that may help you attain your aesthetic goals. Some procedures may even be combined to create the most promising result. You can take as much time as you need to make a decision about your treatment. Not once will you feel rushed or as if you’re required to make a choice right away. Rather, you can spend as much time as you need and ask any questions that you may have about your treatment options. Dr. Lickstein is not only a physician and plastic surgeon but also an educator who wants to help you make an informed decision about your appearance. He will provide you with detailed information that allows you to determine whether to move forward with treatment.

All of the options offered at Lickstein Plastic Surgery are safe and proven effective to improve the way you look.

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Dr. Lickstein has recently opened his own private practice in Palm Beach Gardens and is thrilled to offer you the latest in surgical, injectable and laser procedures. He and his staff welcome you to the new office location and to schedule a consultation. Call 561-571- 4000 to get started on your treatment today.