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Ever since my early 20s, I’ve been pretty self-conscious when it comes to my breasts. Shape. Size. You name it. A few of my very close friends had breast augmentations and I was always jealous of how easy it was for them to basically put any outfit on and look perfect in it. That wasn’t possible for what God gave me! I always had to worry about what bra would work or how I was going to pull off a certain shirt. As a lot of us find out, having children doesn’t help the case! I got reallllly big when I was pregnant with our son and then they disappeared! You know what that entails!

Over the years I’ve researched and looked into getting breast augmentation but never went past the initial consultation with any doctor. That is, until Bryan and I met Dr. Lickstein! Luckily, Bryan was going to play golf one day and was driving down PGA Blvd. and saw Lickstein Plastic Surgery. He mentioned it to me but I didn’t think much of it at the time. Then after finding out that some of his co-workers at the radio station knew Dr. Lickstein and had glowing reviews, we decided to setup a consultation. He blew us away! I’ve never been so comfortable on a consultation before and it was clear that this time would be different than any other “doctors office” or appointment I have ever gone to!

We spent time with Dr. Lickstein and Lisa, his patient coordinator, who is absolutely amazing! We talked about what I was looking for as well as my concerns. We were shown all sorts of different options and then they gave us their recommendations. I was informed that I would need a minor breast lift if I was to go through with augmentation surgery. It’s worth noting, I’m not so sure every doctor would’ve made sure that it was done properly with the lift and enhancement as Dr. Lickstein was the first to mention it to me. After the consultation, we had one more appointment before the scheduled surgery date to go over last minute details. I was fitted for my bras and gave him my “wish list” pictures. It was at this appointment that I showed him what I was looking for and told him that I trust him to do an amazing job…fully believing that he would!

The lead up to the surgery was nerve-racking! I was fearful of going under anesthesia and was working myself up for no reason whatsoever! Everyone at the surgery center was amazing and very informative. I truly was at complete peace from the moment I walked into the door! They answered any and all of my concerns before I even got the questions out of my mouth! I went from scared of going under to knock me out and lets do this in an instant!

The surgery was amazing! It was so easy! I was in recovery about 3 hours after arriving to the surgery center, although it felt minutes. (Perks of anesthesia!) Bryan was in the lobby and was greeted by Dr. Lickstein who told him that the surgery went perfectly and “THEY LOOK GREAT!” The best part? He was right. I feel like I was blessed with the easiest recovery ever as I sit here today 5 weeks post-op. I put that on Dr. Lickstein and his team at Lickstein Plastic Surgery. Looking back, I’m so glad I listened to them every step of the way and trusted him and his experience because I couldn’t have asked for a better result. I’m still technically in recovery but they will only continue to get better! (How they look better than they do now, I don’t know! Haha!)

I can’t thank Lickstein Plastic Surgery enough for the amazing work they did on something that was so important to me. If you have any questions between now and my next update, feel free to reach out to me. Easiest way is to DM me on Instagram. My handle is @melshelgolf. I post there often and will be putting a censored before and after pic up here soon!

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