1 Treatment, 3 Uses: Benefits of the Halo Laser

Monday October 2, 2017 | Halo Laser Treatments, Non-Surgical Procedures

halo laser treatment in palm beach gardensLaser treatments are an effective way to achieve a host of aesthetic goals in a single, nonsurgical procedure. In the past, these devices were a bit limited in what they could do for patients, however. Today, state-of-the-art lasers offer different techniques to provide a more precise way to help patients meet their individual goals. The innovative Halo Laser, which is available at Lickstein Plastic Surgery, is the perfect example of a single device that offers a variety of uses.

Halo is a fractional laser that combines ablative and non-ablative technology into a single device. For our patients, that means a procedure that addresses a host of concerns with maximum results and minimal downtime. In addition, the Halo platform includes three distinct treatment options that allow us to tailor procedures to the different needs of each of our patients with superior, long-lasting results.

Fast Treatment, Fresh Results

If you are looking for a relatively easy pick-me-up for the skin before a big event or just to boost your confidence level, the MicroLaser Peel is the perfect option. This superficial peel is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, shallow scarring and pigmentation concerns with minimal discomfort and downtime involved. This treatment is also a preferred maintenance treatment since regular sessions can help you maintain your healthy glow year-round.

This ablative treatment only addresses the outermost dermal layers for positive results without excessive trauma to the skin and surrounding tissue. The depth of the procedure will vary based on the specific correction needed, but will not go deep enough to increase risks associated with the treatment or require an extended recovery period. This treatment offers improvement in the following skin imperfections:

A MicroLaser Peel is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be done using a topical anesthetic in our office. The hand piece delivers the precise amount of laser energy necessary to remove the unwanted skin cells and produce a fresher, more youthful complexion. Patients usually return to their daily routine right after treatment or the next day. If your treatment is deeper, you may need a few extra days to recover and feel comfortable going out in public once again. This procedure tends to work best if it is regularly repeated to maintain the positive results.

Say Goodbye to Brown Spots with BBL

While many see fine lines and wrinkles as the main concerns of aging, others find that the formation of brown spots is more concerning. Known as age spots or liver spots, these pigmentation marks are the result of overactive melanin in the skin, caused by sun exposure or the natural passage of time. Fortunately, a combination of broadband light therapy (BBL) and the Halo laser is the perfect choice in eliminating these brown spots and creating a clearer appearance.

BBL delivers a variety of light wavelengths into the dermal layers, targeting the melanin to remove the pigmentation. In addition, the device can target the blood in visible vessels to eradicate spider veins and vascular lesions that can develop on the skin. You may also see improvement in early signs of aging and shallow acne scarring. Surrounding skin and tissue are left untouched during this procedure, which means you achieve superior results without excessive discomfort during treatment or downtime after.

Treat What You Want, Leave What You Don’t

Whether you want to say goodbye to fine lines around the eyes and mouth or deeper lines that tend to form around the nose and mouth, the Contour TRL might be the right choice for you. This procedure features an array of treatment options, from superficial skin rejuvenation to address those subtle signs of aging to deeper procedures that reverse your more established lines and wrinkles as well as other skin issues. With precision not seen in other laser devices, the Contour TRL is uniquely equipped to handle nearly all your rejuvenation needs. The Contour TRL is primarily an ablative laser treatment but offers greater accuracy to treat even more delicate areas of the skin with superior results and minimal risk for complications. Some of the skin imperfections improved by the Contour TRL include:

This procedure is performed using a topical anesthetic and takes 30 minutes or less to complete once the numbing has taken effect. The amount of recovery time will vary based on the depth of the procedure. Patients undergoing lighter ablation will usually return to activities the same day or the day after, while deeper treatments may require a downtime of up to one week.

Skin rejuvenation is easier today than ever before, thanks to the safety, efficacy and precision of devices like the Halo laser. To learn more about this device or the benefits it offers, contact Lickstein Plastic Surgery today at 561-571-4000.