The Health Benefits of Breast Reduction

Wednesday January 25, 2017 | Breast Reduction

breast reduction patient in floridaBreast procedures are not always about increasing cup size. Sometimes, the breasts can be too large and out of proportion from the rest of the body. If you have overly large breasts, you have likely experienced some form of social or physical discomfort and may try to cover up your chest with clothing in order to mask the appearance of your breasts.

When your body is interfering with your everyday life and social functioning, then it’s important to consider treatment options that can help you regain a sense of normalcy and proportionate appearance. For breasts that are disproportionately large, a breast reduction can help.

Not only will a breast reduction make you feel more confident about your body, but also you will receive several health benefits. Here are some of the ways in which a breast reduction might benefit you.

Relief of back and neck pain

One of the most common effects of large breasts is the strain they place on your back and neck. The added weight puts pressure on your spine and can cause serious discomfort throughout your back and neck, making it difficult to carry out everyday tasks.

A breast reduction removes much of the excess skin and tissue to decrease their size, which will also reduce the weight of each breast. Your back will no longer have to support breasts that are too heavy, which will alleviate much of the discomfort you are experiencing. Patients notice the improvement immediately after surgery.

Improved fitness levels

Because the breasts are so heavy, the pain they create can make it difficult to exercise. Additionally, it may be harder to find athletic clothing that can support your breasts. Many women with large breasts will refrain from working out, which can pose serious problems for their general health.

When the breasts are reduced in size, however, physical mobility becomes much easier, which means that you can begin increasing your fitness levels. You can participate in sports and improve your endurance by exercising more frequently.

Better posture

The added weight from large breasts can be hard for the rest of your body to support. Your back may begin to succumb to the pressure and cause you to have poor posture. Slouching or hunching your shoulders can make you look unwell and create additional issues for your spine.

With a breast reduction, the excess tissues that are removed create less strain for your spine, allowing you to sit up straight, appear healthier and look more attentive on a daily basis.

Reduced skin problems

Pendulous breasts can make daily hygiene more difficult. For some women, their breasts create hard-to-reach areas that are often left untouched after bathing. Without proper hygiene, certain regions of the skin can become sore, experience rashes or contract an infection.

Suffering from breasts that are too large can be a serious detriment to your quality of life, but it doesn’t have to any longer. If you believe a breast reduction may be right for you, we encourage you to contact Lickstein Plastic Surgery at (561) 571-4000 and schedule a consultation.