Better Than Botox?

Saturday February 16, 2019 | About Dr. Lickstein, Botox, Facial Rejuvenation, Injectables, Non-Surgical Procedures

woman getting botox

Botox is already widely known and highly regarded as a safe and effective treatment which provides instant rejuvenation, allowing individuals to avoid more invasive procedures almost indefinitely with regular maintenance treatments. Now patients have even more reason to select Botox as their first and perhaps premier rejuvenation treatment. These new benefits reward all recipients of the procedure but have particular importance to a younger generation of men and women seeking facial rejuvenation that closely aligns with their values and lifestyle.

Less is sometimes more — Baby Botox

Celebrities lately have repopularized the natural look, and as a result, the desire for facial rejuvenation treatments which leave clients looking gently refreshed has sky-rocketed. Fortunately, neuromodulators stand out from other facial rejuvenation treatments in that they can provide the kind of subtle rejuvenation now demanded by clients without having to introduce alternative procedures or techniques into the practice. Botox can bridge the gap between the desire for rejuvenation treatments and the trend towards an “untouched” look.

Baby Botox — the practice of using minimal amounts of the neuromodulator to achieve a very natural look — has found increasing popularity, especially among younger clients experiencing aging symptoms for the first time or wishing only to enhance their already youthful features subtley. The value here is that incremental rejuvenation treatments for these clients — while offering noticeable but subtle improvements — are difficult to distinguish from individuals who’ve had no treatment, making Baby Botox treatments extremely desirable.

Prevent the Inevitable

Baby Botox is part of a more significant trend of preventative care now becoming more prevalent in cosmetic care. Patients understand that aging is inevitable, so why should they wait until symptoms are noticeable and worrisome before treating them? Symptoms can be delayed at their earliest onset while also enhancing the naturally youthful characteristics which they still enjoy. Botox is extremely well suited to this approach to cosmetic treatments since it can be easily administered in small dosages, providing the optimal amount of rejuvenation for younger patients or maintaining the most natural look possible for patients of any age. For this reason, Botox and neuromodulators, in general, should be considered treatments of choice in preventative care contexts.

Longer-lasting Neuromodulators

Neuromodulators may soon also offer much longer-lasting results. With clinical trials concluding for Revance’s Sakura 3 product, for example, early indications show that it will be able to provide individuals with up to 28 weeks of improvements or more before all effects of the treatment subside. The studies particularly examined the injectable’s effects on the glabellar lines. Since patients already enjoy the effectiveness of neuromodulators, the ability to enjoy their results for much longer periods now also looks highly promising, adding to the treatment’s already long list of benefits. Shortly, patients can potentially have longer-lasting rejuvenation, enjoy greater consistency in their look, retain more facial expressivity, save money and face lower risk all very discretely.

About Dr. Lickstein

Dr. Lickstein earned his medical degree from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. He completed his general surgery residency at Tufts University/New England Medical Center and his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency at Albany Medical College in New York. He also completed a Fellowship in Hand and Microsurgery at Harvard Medical School-Massachusetts General Hospital’s Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Lickstein is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and also a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Palm Beach County Plastic Surgery Society and other organizations. Dr. Lickstein also serves as Vice Chief of Surgery at Jupiter Medical Center.