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Better Than Botox?

Saturday February 16, 2019 | About Dr. Lickstein, Botox, Facial Rejuvenation, Injectables, Non-Surgical Procedures

Botox is already widely known and highly regarded as a safe and effective treatment which provides instant rejuvenation, allowing individuals to avoid more invasive procedures almost indefinitely with regular maintenance treatments. Now patients have even more reason to select Botox as their first and perhaps premier rejuvenation treatment. These new benefits reward all recipients of…

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The Lickstein Lift® For Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation

Friday June 29, 2018 | Facelift, Facial Rejuvenation, Lickstein Lift

Do you want visible and long-lasting facial rejuvenation without surgery? Then you want to consider the Lickstein Lift®. Sooner or later, everyone begins to develop and display the early signs of aging such as a loss of facial volume, and the development of skin laxity and lines like wrinkles and facial folds. Many of these…

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