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The Brilliance of Beauty

Looking your best throughout the year is now easier than ever before, thanks to a wealth of surgical and nonsurgical treatments available today. However, the cost of those many therapies can be a bit daunting, particularly for procedures that need to be regularly repeated to maintain their positive results. Lickstein Plastic Surgery and Allergan are…

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5 Good Reasons to Love Injectables in February

Injectable treatments are one of the most desirable ways to quickly enhance the appearance, whether you want to smooth away wrinkles, or add the cheekbones you never had but always wanted. These treatments offer a broad range of benefits in a single procedure that involves little discomfort and virtually no downtime. Whether you have never…

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How to Choose the Best Dermal Filler

If your quest for younger-looking skin has been exhausted by “guaranteed to work” moisturizers and lotions, you aren’t alone. As your body’s largest organ, the skin is often the first area to show visible signs of aging—leaving men and women alike to search for ways to rejuvenate their appearance. Injectable treatments are an effective method…

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You Aren’t Stuck With a Double Chin! Kybella Can Help!

A double chin can cause many cosmetic concerns. Even if you’re at a healthy weight and feel confident in the rest of your appearance, a double chin can become a focal point and leave you questioning the way you look. Before recent innovation, the only way you could effectively treat a double chin, medically known…

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Redeem Your Youth With JUVÉDERM®

An interesting study published in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery compared multiple sets of twins and the factors that made one twin appear younger than the other. Among smoking, divorce, and the use of antidepressants or hormone therapy, excess weight in the face was a factor that, for the sets of twins over…

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